«Rough appearance is not for a girl!»: Dwayne Johnson showed his daughter who decided to follow in her father’s footsteps

After the photos of The Rock’s daughter, the fans advised her to turn to beauticians

There is hardly any single one who doesn’t know the name of this prominent and charismatic American actor who is best remembered as «The Rock». He has recently showed his grown-up daughter Ava and raised questions in public.

It goes without saying that all the netizens were taken aback seeing Ava at the social event and realizing how much she has changed over these years. Many rushed to claim that the unique girl inherited her famous father’s features.

Some were even quick to call them «two peas in a pod» meaning that they look incredibly like each other, nearly identical.

The followers note that she possesses a rough appearance which is not attractive for a girl. They advise her to undergone some beauty procedures assuring that she will become more attractive and feminine.

Do you think she needs to correct her appearance? Share your opinion below!

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