Rose’s fiancé from «Titanic» 30 years later: This is what Billy Zane looks like today

It is impossible not to fall in love with Rose’s affluent fiancé from «Titanic» 🧐🤗

This talented, charismatic and outstanding actor who is best remembered for his role in «Titanic» was a real heartthrob in the 1980-1990s. However, he has changed beyond recognition over recent years.

His handsome appearance of the legendary movie star could let any single girl remain indifferent. In D. Lynch’s series «Twin Peaks» known for its intriguing storyline, beautiful but relatively unpopular movie stars were needed.

The prominent actor’s attractiveness and seductiveness could let no one remain indifferent.

The brilliant acting of the movie star in «Titanic» brought him overall fame and incredible success. He excellently portrayed Rose’s affluent fiancé. Though being the antagonist, he could conquer the hearts of millions of girls at that time.

Though he is already 60, he is still called the «second Bard Pitt». His handsomeness still makes hearts beat faster. It goes without saying that he looks simply amazing and much younger.

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