«Romeo of our generation!»: This is what a handsome man Beckham’s 20-year-old son has become

It is impossible not to fall in love with Beckham’s son who wins millions of hearts 🥹😍

These days, D. and V. Beckham’s middle son’s recent photos have been shared on the network. The father and the son came to watch the football match and were super excited and enthusiastic.

The former professional football player went to London together with his heir to openly support the English team whose opponent was Scotland.

The guy’s name is Romeo and one may say that he is the famous Romeo from Shakespeare of our generation since he is a dream boy and wins female hearts. Soon, his handsome appearance became the subject of heated discussions.

«It is impossible not to fall in love with these two machos!», «How long did I sleep?», «They look like twin brothers. How is that even possible?», «Like father, like son».

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