«Roberts looks much better at 52». New photos of 54-year-old Julia Roberts once again proved that she canceled old age  

She looks gorgeous at her age!  🤗🥰

Julia Roberts, who is already 52 years old, seems to be a young girl. She shines as before and attracts everyone with her beauty and charm.

Recall, that the star first appeared on the screen in 1988, when she played in the movies Mystic Pizza and Satisfaction.

Since then her successful acting career began and still now the actress is many people’s favorite.

She is very stunning even at this age and these photos are the real proof of that. The celebrity was captured by the paparazzi while having a rest on the beach.

Netizens expressed their amazement and admiration for her beauty. Although some people don’t consider her young and attractive, others appreciate her beauty, writing nice comments under her photos.

What’s your opinion about the actress? Do you think she looks young?


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