“Roberts in an attractive pink swimsuit”: The Pretty Woman hasn’t lost her charm over the years

Roberts in a pink swimsuit with her husband enjoys her vacation on the beach

There is no need to say that Roberts has never possessed appearance typical of a model. What is more, a number of men don’t find the actress attractive, whereas the reason is still unknown.

Taking a look at the legendary woman’s sincere and beautiful smile, it is literally impossible for one not to fall in love with the actress. It should be noted that she is regarded one of the most desirable, successful and demanded film stars of our time.

It is worth mentioning that Julia is for natural appearance and is strongly against plastic operations and beauty procedures. Over the years, Roberts hasn’t lost her charm and femininity. Many noted that the Pretty Woman hasn’t gained even one kilo in the course of these years remaining the same long-legged and charming beauty from the film.

The paparazzi were lucky enough to catch the iconic actress in a pink swimming suit which clearly emphasized her flawless figure.

And when the netizens saw the actress and her husband showing affection and tenderness towards each other, the gossips about their possible breakup immediately faded away. The couple looked absolutely happy and seemed to fully enjoy the moment on vacation.

It is relevant to mention that Roberts with G. Clooney is currently shooting for the film “Ticket to Heaven” and, what is more, the actress’s husband as well as Clooney’s wife flew to Australia to be by their side and support.


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