«Rihanna shortly after the childbirth»: The recent appearance of Rihanna in leather mini became the subject of heated discussions

Rihanna, who gained much weight, looked unrecognizable in the eyes of her fans

It is noteworthy that outstanding and legendary performer Rihanna has recently become a mother for the first time and since then she rather rarely appears in public. However, recently, the paparazzi spotted the star who was hard to recognize.

«I can’t see Rihanna here», «It’s high time to stop wearing mini», «I can’t believe my eyes. Is this Rihanna?», «A random woman having nothing to do with Rihanna».

«She looks totally unrecognizable now», «She definitely let herself go», «I refuse to believe this is her».

What can you say about the well-known singer’s appearance shorty after giving birth?

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