«Revealing her autism diagnosis!»: Here are the honest thoughts of singer Sia on her diagnosis

Sia finally opens up with the fans and admits that she has the syndrome of autism 🤔🥲

Recently, this world-renowned, successful and outstanding performer from Australia has opened up with the world and admitted that she had autism spectrum disorder.

For a long time, people had been accusing her of portraying mental disabilities through her music. She was diagnosed with this syndrome two years ago and only now she managed to find enough inner courage to speak out about it.

The incredibly talented singer’s honesty was highly appreciated. Sia shared that she realized the importance of being honest and staying true to yourself.

She is now in the process of recovery and, fortunately, doctors see some positive progress. In this respect, it should be mentioned that film star B. Fraser has a child with autism as well and has recently shared that with the world.

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