«Restored our faith in humanity»: The heroic act of Pitt to let an old man live in his house for free surprised everyone

The fans were touched by Pitt’s act to let an elderly man live in his house for free

Here is the house the «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» star bought in 1994 in Los Feliz, California and had a goal to expand his estate. He then sold his Hollywood Hills house to C. Peterson who is well-known for her role in many films and TV shows.

Yet, soon, it turned out that the prominent actor purchased it for his 90-year-old man who had just lost his wife and whom the actor invited to live there for free until his death. Peterson who lived next door to him highly praised the kindness of Pitt.

It should be mentioned that he lived there with his then-wife and six children until their divorce. Then, he sold it in 2021 for about 40 million dollars,

According to his friends, he then moved to Carmel, Northern California.

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