«Replenishment in the family!»: Actor Radcliffe and his long-time girlfriend have become parents for the first time

Millions’ favorite «Harry Potter» star and his girlfriend have welcomed their first baby 🤗🥰

The news that this talented, successful and celebrated actor and his 38-year-old partner became parents has hit the network. The father has recently been captured by the paparazzi, yet he still hides the gender and name of their newborn.

The photographers spotted Erin, his long-time girlfriend, with a big bump in March and thus revealed that she was pregnant. And recently, the partners welcomed their first baby.

The couple first met on the set of «Kill Your Darlings» and it has been already a decade that they are in a relationship. It should be stated that the actress has also acted in «Quiet Waters», «Still Alice» and other movies.

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