«Recreated her iconic 1990s look!»: The entirely new image of Hollywood actress Jolie deserves special attention

The star of «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» returned her iconic blond hair and wins hearts again 😍

This prominent, successful and outstanding Hollywood actress has recently recreated her iconic 1990s image. She spectacularly appeared in the fashion house and pleasantly surprised everyone there.

She was supposed to have a meeting with Gabriella Hirst who is the creative director of the Chloe brand. She chose an elegant maxi dress with bare shoulders complementing her image with matching pumps. Her cute curls delighted the fans.

Many noted that her changed hair color gave her even more charm and femininity. It is, of course, hard not to agree that she undoubtedly deserves to be called the world’s most beautiful woman.

Millions are of the opinion that blonde hair suits her much more and that she made the right decision to dye her brunette hair.

Her current appearance resembles her image in the 1990s, especially her character in the film «Girl, Interrupted».

Some are more than sure that she simply tried to imitate Brad’s ex-wife or else has the aim to look younger and fresher.


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