Reba McEntire Shows Her Bedroom That She Shares with Boyfriend Rex Linn: ‘As Real as the Rest of Us’

Reba McEntire gave fans a glimpse into her bedroom that she shares with her love, actor Rex Linn.

The singer has openly talked about her home interior and what it represents.

She has also shared some house rules that she lives by.

Legendary country star Reba McEntire gave fans a glimpse into her private space and revealed she was having difficulty with a chore. She has shared much more about her home and the rules she has.

McEntire’s humble abode is in Nashville. It is decorated with thoughtfully curated elements, including art pieces, creature comforts, and warm textures. In a December 2021 interview, the “I’m a Survivor” hitmaker described her entire home interior, saying:

“I call the style ‘African Cowboy.’ […] I have photos that I have taken on my trips to Africa which are mixed with Western-inspired elements like rich leathers, dark woods, and steerheads.”

The red-haired explained she wanted a house that represented her authentic self while also divulging what she envisioned for her beautiful space:

“I love a home that is warm, inviting, and friendly. You never have to ask to take your shoes off at the door here!”

McEntire Dishes on House Rules She Lives By
The veteran actress has also discussed her house rules, especially when it involves entertaining guests. In a September 2023 interview, she said:

“My main rule when anybody comes over is to feel at home, be completely relaxed, and have fun.”

In addition, McEntire also asks her guests to make themselves feel “comfortable” in her humble abode but to pick up after themselves. If she has guests who end up in the barn with her, she does not tell them to take their boots off when entering the house. The Hollywood star revealed what she usually tells them:

“[…] I say, ‘Hey, this is the farmhouse, you don’t have to take your shoes off at all.’”

McEntire also prefers having a meal already prepared for her guests when they arrive. She considers wintertime the best season to make soup with cornbread for those who come to visit and sits with them by the fire.

Overall, the Oklahoma native five shared her top-of-the-list house rules: making the bed every morning, asking whether someone has eaten, making oneself feel at home, refraining from using scented candles in the kitchen, and not worrying about matching silverware.

McEntire shared that the one thing that makes her house feel like home is flowers. Moreover, the top three kitchen essentials she could not live without are her blender, a paring knife, and a coffee maker.

Inside McEntire’s Home with Her Love
On September 30, 2023, the esteemed singer posted a picture of her lying on her unmade bed under a duvet and jokingly revealed what she was up to before taking the snap.

“I thought it would be a great idea to take the duvet cover off of our bed and wash it. Then I had to iron it, and then try to figure out how to put it back on the bed…” the star captioned the post.

Fans commented in the comments section, with some stating that what she was going through was relatable. One person said, “LOL!! It’s nice to know you’re as real as the rest of us.”

“Reba, you’re so real,” someone else wrote in agreement. One social media user empathized with her, noting, “This should be considered as an Olympic sport,” along with a weary face emoji.

Someone shared a string of laughing emojis and penned, “The struggle is real.” While one fan noted, “For future reference, that’s a two-person job.”

Another echoed the same sentiments, “LOL, that’s a two-person chore, Reba!” Meanwhile, someone suggested, “Rex should help you.”

In addition, one person said whoever took a picture of McEntire frustratingly laying on the bed should be the one helping her put back the duvet. While one user commented, “Rex,” alongside a laughing emoji.