«Reality vs Social Media»: The off-screen appearance of Lawrence came as a big surprise for everyone  

Many were not ready to see one of the hottest actresses with no makeup and in casual clothes 😱😮

Every single time this outstanding, successful and notable actress makes an appearance on the red carpet, she surprises everyone with her unearthly charm, timeless beauty and charisma.

Her appearance never ceases to be the center of attention of paparazzi and journalists. Her off-screen look left a lot to be desired according to the fans.

However, the glowing and flawless skin of the outstanding actress pleasantly surprised everyone. The opinions of the netizens divided into two types: those who considered her plain-looking, and those who were satisfied with her appearance.

It seems as if she feels comfortable in her causal clothes and having no hint of makeup. Though she looks totally different from her appearance on the red carpet, she still looks her best.

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