Ragnar of «Vikings» played by Fimmel: This is how the Australian «Vikings» star lives now

Do you remember Ragnar from the series «Vikings»? Here is actor Travis Fimmel

Unlike legendary character Lothbrok, the iconic actor isn’t married and little is known about his personal life. The film star appeared to be totally different from his praiseworthy role.

The popular star from «Vikings», T. Fimmel still doesn’t miss a chance to visit the farm where the future actor grew up. As soon as the well-known man manages to find enough time, he immediately flies home to see his parents in Australia where there is fresh air, farm animals and warm and nostalgic atmosphere.

In everyday life, the man can afford to appear in a rather unkempt look, unshaved and in sportswear without taking the others’ opinions into considerations. Even in the photos he often shares on social media, many claim that the actor doesn’t look his best too.

Meanwhile, Fimmel is in demand in many major projects and a great number of directors take a great interest in him.

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