“Radical changes”: These men cut their long hair they had grown for years to help people with cancer

Here are transformations of men who gave their long hair to those with cancer

Eventually having your long hair cut is definitely not the easiest decision one can make, especially when they have grown their hair for a long time, sometimes for decades. Many of them are eager to say goodbye to their gorgeous and long hair in order to help those who lost their own because of chemotherapy.

He gave his long hair to the kids who have cancer.

This kind-hearted man has deliberately grown his hair for three years in order to give it to a little boy suffering cancer.

Beauty doesn’t really depend on hair, does it?

After six years, he now doesn’t enjoy his long hair!

For some, having their hair cut is such a relief!

He has been listening to his mother for 10 years. Now, it is high time for dramatic changes.

This seems the right decision.

After four years, he says goodbye to his gorgeous hair.

Isn’t really sure about his decision!

His hair seemed to be too “feminine”.

For the first time in two years, he visited a hairdresser.

This is how the difference between a young and an adult man looks.

Bald kids need their hair more!

For 15 years, he has been hesitating and only now did he decide to have his hair cut.

They all are true heroes to sacrifice their hair for poor children with cancer!