«Public’s ridicule made her cry!»: Here are the honest thoughts of Davis after she faced criticism for her fillers  

Davis opened up in an interview about how she reacted to the criticism 🧐🤔

K. Davis has lately shared her honest thoughts about how she genuinely felt about facing criticism after having fillers in pursuit of maintaining her beauty. She admitted that something went wrong and she had to remove them.

She shared that many noticed that something was wrong with her lips. She was surprised since she didn’t see anything unusual before and now had to remove them as soon as possible.

The successful star mentioned her co-stars from «Sex and the City» S. Jessica Parker and C. Nixon who also faced similar criticism. Of course, she herself didn’t expect to face this much negativity from her followers.

She has learned how not to take criticism personally and how it affects her much less. She completely trusts the professionalism of her surgeons and sees nothing embarrassing.

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