“Proudly shows her flaws”: Gomez was criticized for her “imperfect” figure in an unsuccessfully chosen gown

Not everyone was pleased with the recent appearance of iconic Selena Gomez

There have been some cases when iconic and well-known singer S. Gomez has greatly surprised her audience not really pleasantly appearing in unsuccessfully chosen outfits which, instead on highlighting her good sides and attractiveness, put the main emphasis on her flaws and imperfections.

By proudly wearing and not even anyhow reacting to the criticism, Gomez proved that she doesn’t get offended at all and simply doesn’t care about what other people think about her.

Her recent delicate silver-colored dress definitely highlighted her extra kilos she has recently gained, yet the singer looked absolutely happy and proud of herself.

It should be noted that far not everyone appreciated the “unsuccessfully chosen” outfit of the legendary woman and Selena immediately faced criticism towards her taste and “imperfections”.

Many strongly advised her to lose weight and start to take up sports.

How did you find her recent appearance? Share your opinion!

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