«Prominent nose and double chin»: photo of young Sophia Loren caused mixed reactions among her fans

It turns out that the ideas about her impeccable beauty were wrong!😱🫢Despite Sophia Loren is accepted as a beauty icon, her old photos have sparked controversy🧐🙄

Sophia Loren is one of those stars who conquered the whole world with her appearance․ Even at 88-years-old, she is an icon of femininity, beauty and elegance․ Loren does not hide her plastic surgery; she also spoke about her recent facelift.

Even though she doesn’t live up to beauty standards, she has always been praised for her unique features, even her prominent nose and double chin.

Sophia Loren did not change her nose with plastic surgery, she only improved her eyes, and as a result she had a pronounced look․ In addition, she reduced excess fat on her chin․

After such improvements, her appearance changed a little, which gave her a captivating charm. We would like to note that her natural nose gives her uniqueness and special attractiveness.

In addition to her external qualities, she attracts everyone with her bright energy and graceful behavior. What do you think about the apperance of Sophia Loren?

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