«Prayed for their union for 20 years!»: Here are the honest thoughts of Lopez’s mother about her reunion with Affleck

Lopez’s mother opened up about the reunion and wedding of her daughter and Affleck 🤔🧐

The relationship between J. Lopez and B. Affleck has long been the subject of heated discussions. As is known to everyone, they were together back in the 2000s but broke up in 2004. And now, they are together again and have recently got married.

Surprisingly, they restored their relationship only 3 months after the iconic singer’s separation from baseball player A. Rodriguez.

Most interestingly, the performer’s mother has always admired Affleck and wanted that they two reunited as soon as possible. She even admitted that she had been praying for their union for about twenty years.

Lopez joyfully confesses that the man quickly befriended with her 15-year-old children claiming that «He’s a fantastic father and father figure to them. They love him, and I love him».

And here is a joint photo with her sister who is the «My Pirate Wedding» star.

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