“Pitt’s new lover will leave you speechless”: Here is actor Pitt’s new girlfriend whose beauty and charm will amaze you

After three years of a bachelor lifestyle, Pitt started dating this beauty

It should be mentioned that in 2019, the legendary couple of Pitt and Jolie split up leaving millions of their fans in tears and sorrow. As a result of their divorce, Jolie lost much weight looking unhealthy thin and Pit remained alone without any romances. However, after three years of leading a bachelor lifestyle, the iconic man finally got into a relationship becoming the center of discussions everywhere.

Initially, the legend of the Hollywood film industry was believed to be dating 31-year-old Emily Ratajkowski. Whereas the couple soon broke up, the model found a new lover and Pitt chose 29-year-old Ines de Ramon, a fitness trainer.

Little do we know about the iconic film star’s new girlfriend, whereas it is known that she graduated from the University of Geneva specializing in business administration. She used to work in the sphere of jewelry sales and, currently, Ines is a fitness trainer.

The gorgeous woman leads a private lifestyle and hardly any information concerning her can actually be found. Meanwhile, many have already witnessed the couple having fun together and, according to them, Ines looked quite nice and pleasant.

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