Paparazzi managed to capture Jolie while shopping with kids in West Hollywood  

The name of 45-year-old Angelina Jolie is on everyone’s lips.

It seems that the celebrity is chasing her villains. Jealous Angelina vigorously seeks out “flaws” in the recent shots of the actress, delaying them in the comments.

The lovely actress was detected shopping with her kids in West Hollywood not so long ago. Mom went shopping with 15-year-old Zahara, 14-year-old Shiloh, and 12-year-old Vivienne. For her next look, Angelina opted for an all-black look, paired with a black purse as well as a beige Valentino.

Jolie chose to collect her hair in a low bun, complementing the bow with huge glasses. The paparazzi followed the celebrity family, capturing some interesting shots. Angelina’s followers were rapid to comment on the new shots of the woman.

“What wrinkled hands she has”, “Black makes her quite thin”, “Match legs”, “Slimness does not color her”, “She was prettier”, “Angelina grew up”, “Kids look like Brad”, ” Attractive actress “, ” The best,” commented Internet users. What’s your view, dear readers?

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