«Our hearts are full of sadness and regret»: The fans burst into tears when they were informed about Lisa Presley’s cardiac arrest

The breaking news that Presley’s daughter passed away left everyone in tears

Being still 54, a gifted and praiseworthy American singer and the heiress of legendary E. Presley passed away of cardiac arrest leaving everyone in tears.

Recently, the heartbreaking news that the iconic man’s heiress passed away in a clinic near her home in Calabasas because of a cardiac arrest didn’t let any single one remain indifferent. Many prominent people, including J. Travolta couldn’t resist their emotions. Travolta posted a beautiful portrait of Lisa on social media.

His words addressed to the late singer deeply touched the netizens. «.I’m so sorry. I will miss you. ».

Well-known film star L. Remini was left speechless with the tragic news admitting that Lisa had gone through a lot, including her beloved father’s death because of a heart attack in 1977 when she was still nine. Then, her son B. Keogh ended his life at the age of 27.

And this is how T. Hanks reacted to the incredible news. «She was so honest, sympathetic and very vulnerable. Now our hearts are full of sadness and regret».

On that very day, the well-known singer complained of her sore stomach and after a while her housekeeper found her unconscious and there was her ex-husband at home at that time.

Though the man gave her artificial respiration, it didn’t help her at all and the woman was immediately taken to a hospital being in a critical condition. It should be noted that her mother was next to her at that moment.

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