«Options are limited!»: This is how Willis fights his frontotemporal illness according to his wife Emma

Seriously ill Willis’s wife shared the latest news about her husband with their fans 🤔🥺

For those who don’t know, one of the best-known Hollywood movie stars B. Willis is currently fighting a serious illness called dementia. He was diagnosed with this frontotemporal disease in February.

The latest news about the star’s condition were shared by his beloved wife. She has described how her husband fights the disease adding that dementia is considered to be one of the rarest conditions. Treatment is needed to prevent its progress.

«When you are faced with dementia, you realize that options are limited. However, some individuals refuse to surrender and passively accept the situation».

She added that however sad and heartbreaking the results of the treatment are, they, at least, make them aware of all the details and find the right way how to minimize its effect.

It is worth mentioning that the actor’s family members are constantly by his side and openly support him all the time, especially his current wife who refuses to leave him even for a second.

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