One of the members of «Beatles» on vacation: This is how Paul McCartney, one of the legendary members of «Beatles» has changed

The rare footage of the member of the cult band «Beatles» at 80 on vacation

It happens rather rarely that paparazzi manage to catch incredibly talented and legendary Paul McCartney in public. He is often called a music giant and is a former member of the band «Beatles». Lately, he has been spotted while being on vacation.

«I didn’t expect that he is already so old», «No one is getting younger over years», «The most talented and influential musician I have ever known in my life», «Time flies at a lightning speed».

«Still full of energy and enthusiasm, bravo!», «For his age he looks quite good», «My childhood idol is here».

«You are a true LEGEND».

Are you a fan of the musical band «Beatles»? Which song do you like most?

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