«One of the Italian-French legends of our time at 88»: The recent appearance of cult actress Loren at the opening of her own restaurant

The fans were saddened to see 88-year-old actress Loren barely move her legs

The appearance of the legendary actress in public has become less and less often during the past few years. The cult film star knows how to keep her privacy, yet she couldn’t miss a chance and not to come to the opening of the family restaurant.

The elegant snow-white suit the cinema diva appeared in definitely deserves our special attention. Many were delighted to see how graceful the iconic woman looked at 88. While some were of the opinion that it was time for her to evade the public eye.

«One of the legends of our era is hard to recognize», «I can’t find any words to describe how fantastic she looks», «Age is already showing itself».

What films have you watched starred by this iconic Italian-French actress?

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