«Number one among the world’s hottest women»: Graham became the most attractive woman according to Maxim magazine

A plus-size model became the winner among the «100 hottest women» of this year in the world

Despite others’ negative opinions and harsh criticism, this 90-pound model leads the rank of 100 hottest women on the Globe according to Maxim magazine.

The beige lingerie set with a satin robe made her look even more feminine and attractive. Her golden hoop earrings and impressive makeup competed the iconic image and the model drove everyone crazy with her attractive curves.

The prestigious magazine considers her to be the hottest woman on Earth, the «lady of curves» and the biggest inspiration for millions. Others who follow her are Doja Cat, Robbie and so on.

In fact, the magazine chose also those who were overweight to break the stereotypes of beauty and attractiveness.

The charming woman shares that we may consider one’s shape, body, appearance, but without it being positive or negative and this is absolutely right.

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