«Nothing left of the Hollywood beauty!»: The way outstanding actress Drew Barrymore has changed left the fans speechless

The fans barely recognized actress Barrymore who has become aged and wrinkled

There is probably only few among today’s world-class and successful celebrities who haven’t undergone any plastic surgeries or Botox injections. Among those few ones is undeniably outstanding American actress Drew Barrymore.

The talented film star has always been strongly against any artificial methods of avoiding the ageing process and has chosen the entirely natural way of getting older.

As Barrymore claims, she has never turned to the service of plastic surgeons and isn’t even going to do so which was a great surprise for her fans.

However, her recent appearance with some folds and deep wrinkles around the area of her mouth didn’t let anyone remain silent. Many rushed to judge her claiming that she looks much older and has changed for the worse.

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