Nothing left of Chandler from «Friends»: The way actor Perry Matthew from the sitcom «Friends» has changed left everyone speechless

The fans refuse to believe the fatty man in these photos is Chandler from «Friends»

However surprising it might seem to many, prominent and successful actor Perry Matthew has recently celebrated his 52nd birthday. The great film star started to appear in public rather rarely, yet the paparazzi have been lucky enough to catch him.

It is needless to say that the followers of the outstanding movie star, who gained overall fame and popularity shortly after the sitcom «Friends», were literally left speechless seeing how the man has changed over years.

«I hardly can believe my eyes», «Nothing left of Chandler from «Friends»».

«He has let himself go, as I can see in these photos», «I can’t recognize the attractive and handsome Chandler from the series», «Perry, it’s time for you to pull yourself together».

«How can one change like this?», «He has definitely lost his charm».

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