«Nothing is impossible to a willing heart»: The incredible story of this unique model with «golden legs» left everyone speechless

This paralyzed girl miraculously survived and became a model with her «golden legs»

Here is Lauren Wasser who once lived a happy life being a model, a great lover of cycling and sports. One day, while hanging out at a party with her friends, she lost her consciousness and was immediately taken to the hospital.

The doctors concluded that she had TSS caused by a tampon. They gave her no chance and that was the hardest and darkest time of Lauren’s life. She was paralyzed and moved only with the help of a wheelchair.

However, she could miraculously survive and became overall-recognized with her artificial golden legs. Currently, she is among the most sought-after and in-demand stars in the modeling industry.

Let’s wish her incredible success and good health! She is truly a heroine!

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