«Nothing else matters!»: The heartwarming family photo shoot of Sean Combs and his 7 children touched absolutely everyone

Here are exclusive photos of rapper P Diddy and his 7 children from different women

Rapper P Diddy doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he is truly a womanizer and a heartthrob as a result of which he has seven children and each of them is from a different woman.

The heartwarming photo shoot of popular singer S. John Combs, his sons and daughters was nothing but a gift for his fans. The performer was in a total-black look and his touching words addressed to his offspring let no one remain indifferent.

Sean admits that he loves them with all his heart and nothing else on Earth matters.

Among the children of the American rapper, there was also his infant daughter Love. The heiresses of the popular artist were in black leggings and hoodies. It was the 17-year-old Chance who was gently holding the baby in her arms.

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