«No way! This can’t be her»: Without being afraid of possible criticism, 66-year-old Stone showed her entirely natural look

You have hardly ever seen this side of Stone with no makeup and in casual clothes

Today, there is a tendency that overall-famous and successful stars to appear to be brave enough to show their entirely natural look in casual clothes and with no makeup. As a result, in most cases they pleasantly impress their fans with their honesty.

One may say that this has already become something like a challenge that attracts everyone encouraging them to show off their real selves.

It is known to absolutely everyone that Stone is not a coward at all and often doesn’t think twice before posting her rather revealing outfits without being afraid of possible criticism. The opinions about her casual look were again divided.

«I can’t see beautiful and attractive Stone in these photos», «She owes her beauty to plastic surgeries and cosmetics», «She still can’t accept her age».

«No way! It can’t be her», «Her age is already showing itself», «None of us was ready for these photos», «Please know your limits».

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