«No one was ready for this!»: This is how Spanish actress Cruz looked like in her archive photos before the surgeries

Only a few have seen these rare archive photos of Cruz before the plastic surgeries

For the sake of flawless beauty and attractiveness, a lot of women go too far and turn to beauticians and cosmetic surgeons asking them to bring their appearance into perfection. Here is talented actress P. Cruz who has also undergone some changes.

According to the movie star, real beauty comes not from appearance, but from the purity and depths of one’s soul since attractiveness and appealing look are temporary. Instead, only spiritual kindness and harmony stay with us till the end.

Penelope is truly a kind-hearted and generous personality who takes care of poor abandoned animals donating great sums of money to charity organizations. However, concerning her character, Cruz considers herself not a tender, but a stubborn woman.

Moreover, she has always claimed that she is strongly against plastic surgeries and other methods of retaining one’s beauty, yet we can see quite another thing from the photos shown below.

It stands to reason that she has undergone rhinoplasty and some are more than sure that many other plastic surgeries as well since her appearance seems to change not in a natural way year by year.

Meanwhile, she hasn’t overused the service of plastic surgeons and now looks natural accepting all her age-related changes.

What can you say about the actress’s appearance then and now?

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