«No one has ever seen Shakira this way»: the paparazzi photos became the reason of fans’ discussion

The Colombian celebrity can’t seem to stop having mood swings.😓😓😓

It seems like a famous star can’t fully enjoy and be positive.

Recently, photographers captured the beautiful singer in tears, which worried all her fans.

Shakira performed successfully that evening. As usual, she danced enthusiastically and smiled. But after all this, the paparazzi suddenly noticed her in a completely sad mood.

Shakira was in the M&Ms and interacted with a fan. It is not clear what happened and what was the reason, but the star in the picture looked unhappy. She was even in tears.

All Internet users confidently said that she burst into tears when she saw the price of sweets. But of course we cannot say for sure what was the reason for this behavior. Perhaps she was touched by the support of the fans.

We hope Piqué’s affairs are not the reason for this.

If her ex-husband and his family are responsible for everything, she will come up with another way to get revenge, and even several at once.

She has a very interesting fantasy. She will definitely find a creative way.

Did you understand what was the reason of her behavior?

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