«No one expected to see them in such outfits»: what Justin and Hailey Bieber look in everyday life surprised fans

This attractive couple thought they would escape the eyes of the paparazzi. But recent photos showed that they were wrong. If you see this couple on the street in this way, maybe you can’t recognize them.👀👀👀

Who would have thought that a free street outfit could ever be seen on the stars, but the couple Justin and Hailey proved the opposite. They have always not only stood out for their style choices, but have become the king and queen of the fashion world.

Well, what a free style, without sportswear. The couple has a particular love for sneakers, but they often become the reason of discussions.

It is also reported that the couple was recently at Charles de Gaulle airport, where again the couple was preparing for the upcoming flight, choosing a unique outfit. This time, Hailey was spotted wearing a black sweater, coat, and the jeans. But unlike Hailey, this time Justin’s style surprised everyone.

The couple did their best not to be noticed at the airport. Masks, hats and beautiful sunglasses were used, but they did not help to get away from the cameras of paparazzi.

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