«No one believes that she is over 60»: a recent photo of Joan Collins confused the whole Internet

The age for Collins is just a number😮😍 Fans did not even believe that this was Collins real appearance at that age.And who will believe that she is already 90 years old?🫢🤐

The famous actress Joan Collins conquered the whole world with her popular films and series. Some of them are «Dynasty», «American Horror Story and so on. The star knows well how to keep eternal youth. Her recent photo on social networks proves this.

She was photographed by her 5th husband. He is a famous actor Percy Gibson who is 58 years old. In the caption under the photo it was written: «I am looking for wisteria growing in spring».

Fans were surprised by the amazing beauty of the star. Some did not even believe that this was her real appearance at that age.

We are also surprised by the unusual youth of actress. She is a real motivation for many women. She shows all women that they need to be confident in themselves, this is evidenced by her willingness to show herself to fans even in a swimsuit. People at any age should feel young.

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