“No more thick-framed glasses and granny skirts!”: Here is Ugly Amy who has changed beyond recognition

Do you remember Ugly Amy from “The Big Bang Theory? This is her now

It should be noted that legendary Amy Farrah Fowler appeared in “The Big Band Theory” in the third season for the first time and immediately won everyone’s hearts, including that of Sheldon Cooper who later married the charming girl.

During the filming, outstanding actress Mayhem Bialik frequently appeared in striped cardigans, granny skirts and thick-framed glasses. The producer intended to show the young scientist in such an awkward way, yet the girl was adored by each and every viewer.

Whereas there was, in fact, a charming actress behind the unattractive character and when you see her current look you all will definitely come into delight with her elegance and femininity. It is worth mentioning that though the outstanding actress will soon celebrate her 47th birthday, she still looks fantastic highly impressing the netizens with her charm and attractiveness. She still affords herself to wear eye-catching makeup and bright-colored clothes in public and we simply can’t even compare Mayhem to Ugly Amy.

Have you watched the popular sitcom? Did you like Ugly Amy?

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