«No matter size and shape, she is a goddess!»: The «Gossip Girl» star has been caught on the set of a new film

This is what Lively looks like on set when she thinks the paparazzi are not around 🧐🤔

This charming, world-renowned and successful actress has lately been caught on the set of a new movie in New Jersey. Lively radically changed her hair color probably for the sake of her role and looked as amazing as always.

What concerns her outfit, she gave her preference to a fashionable ensemble – burgundy pants, a patchwork jacket and a rosy-colored shirt. Her chunky-soled boots and a white-and-black bag perfectly complemented her image.

She is currently working on a project called «Everything Ends with Us» based on the novel by C. Hoover. The filming started on the 5th of May and is still going on.

Since she has recently given birth to her fourth child and there were rumors that the family was about to move to the UK, her appearance on set came as a big surprise.

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