«No makeup and no bra»: the fans of Jennifer Aniston are very confused seeing her in this way

It was really unexpected for the fans to see Jennifer without filters😱🫣She shared a post-shower selfie, wrapped in a towel, with no makeup and radiating natural beauty😍🫢

Jennifer Aniston captivates her fans even at this age․ The famous beauty decided to preserve her natural beauty; she did not use filters or Photoshop. Jennifer takes great care of her figure, so she always looks beautiful.

Aniston often appears with makeup, stylish clothes and different hairstyles․ But recently she surprised all her fans by showing off her appearance. She posted photos on social networks after the shower․ She wrapped herself in a towel, wore no makeup and showed off her natural beauty as she smiled at the camera.

Aniston has always said that she wanted to avoid gray hair, and her stylists successfully satisfy her desires. As we can see Aniston looks great․

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