«No good news»: Because of the terrible disease, legendary actor Bruce Willis had to put an end to his drizzling acting career

Demi Moore honestly spoke about the condition of Bruce Willis who suffers aphasia

Charming, successful and well-known actress Demi Moore keeps in touch with her ex-husband, Bruce Willis’s fans and expresses her gratitude for their warm and sincere words. For those who don’t know, Willis suffers aphasia, a serious disease.

Due to his terrible condition, the legendary actor had to put an end to his drizzling career in the film industry since his hearing and memorizing abilities left a lot to be desired.

However sad it is to realize, the prominent movie star is partly lost in time and space and suffers some serious problems concerning coordination as well.

As actress D. Moore shared with the fans, Willis also has some communication disorders since he has been diagnosed with such a disease that leave him no other choice.

The ex-wife of the great actor shared. «It’s dementia and it’s getting worse».

Let’s hope the actor will feel himself much better in the near future!


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