«No-dating policy behind the scenes»: This is why Clooney and Roberts have never been in a relationship

Here is the main reason why film legends Roberts and Clooney have never dated 🤔🧐

For those who don’t know, these two iconic film stars have been in a warm and close relationship for already a long time. Their friendship seems to be ideal for millions, but people have never stopped wondering why they never dated.

They have acted in many movies together and didn’t date each other even when they both were single. There rises a question – why? And here is the answer.

During one interview the «Pretty Woman» star was asked why they had never dated and to this the legendary actress answered that the main aim was to maintain a working relationship.

They two were even supposed to kiss each other in a film and this was truly hard for both of them since their “no-dating policy” didn’t allow them.

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