‘My Mommy’s Not Breathing’: Chilling Call 4-Year-Old Girl Made to Emergency Services While Trying to Save Mom

A young girl’s mother, who has a medical condition, became unconscious and even stopped breathing at some point. However, what happened next saved her life.

Aimee Hamer, 40, is a mother of four children, including her five-year-old daughter Daisy Hamer. Aimee, from Walesby, England, has several medical conditions that make her physically weak in some instances.

On May 23, 2022, Aimee began to feel unwell while going to bed with her child. She gave Daisy her phone to watch YouTube videos, and while using the phone, the four-year-old had to dial 999 instead.

Daisy Hamer during an interview on "This Morning" on January 14, 2024 | Source: YouTube/ThisMorning

The youngster contacted emergency services after her mother became unresponsive in the afternoon. Aimee suffers from a long-term heart condition, iron deficiency anemia, and vitamin deficiency and has trouble with dizziness and fatigue on a daily basis. Once the symptoms become severe, she can faint. For this reason, Aimee made it a point to teach her children to call 999 in emergencies.

Although Daisy was unsettled with what was happening in this particular instance when her mom became unconscious, she was able to answer questions from the Emergency Medical Advisor. She even followed instructions to help save her parent’s life until the ambulance arrived on the scene.

Daisy performed CPR after it was apparent that her mother had stopped breathing at some point during the emergency call. “‘Mommy’s not breathing,” she revealed during the call.

Daisy reportedly tilted her mom’s head back as instructed to check her airway and, with the assistance of her two-year-old sister Molly, attempted CPR. With the help of her daughters, Aimee luckily started breathing again.

Not only was Daisy able to help resuscitate her mother, but she also managed to provide important details such as the postcode of their home address. Aimee revealed:

“I taught Daisy and my other children the phonetic alphabet by making a rhyme out of our postcode to make it fun and memorable. […] The kids were never on their own with me as my husband was there to call 999, but Daisy would always get involved by fetching me a cushion and blanket.”

Daisy and Molly Hamer appear during an interview on "This Morning" on January 14, 2024 | Source: YouTube/ThisMorning

Aimee admitted that she had always known that such a situation would arise in the absence of her spouse. Hence, it became a mission for her to teach the kids to be well-prepared and advise them not to be afraid to do that in an emergency.

However, she remains in awe at how calm Daisy was during the entire incident. Aimee said that although she had taught her children what to do in emergencies, she never would have imagined the extent to which Daisy went to get the help she needed.

As for what she recalled about that day, the doting mother remembered feeling unwell, and the next moment, the police, ambulance crew, and even a neighbor were in her bedroom. Aimee said:

“Daisy is amazing and so grown up for her age. After what happened, Daisy has decided that she wants to become either a paramedic or a surgeon when she is older.

The East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) revealed on their Facebook page in December 2023 that young Diasy received a bravery award from EMAS at her school for saving her mother’s life.

The emergency responders from EMAS who first arrived at the scene spoke highly of Daisy. Paramedic Phillip Rowe said it is rare for someone so young and confident to be able to provide postcode details phonetically.

He added she did remarkably well in helping them locate their home and informing them about her mother’s medical conditions upon their arrival. Rowe explained that they “administered oxygen” to Aimee once they arrived, and she eventually awoke. They provided further treatment on the way to the hospital.

According to him, it was without a doubt Daisy’s efforts that helped ensure that her mother is alive and well today. After presenting her with the award, solo response paramedic Jenny Paling stated, “It’s been quite an honor to be able to present Daisy with her award today.”

During a joint interview on “This Morning” in January 2024, Aimee and her daughter Daisy revealed the award is hung up on the wall in her bedroom.