«My heart breaks into pieces»: The heartfelt photo of Willis holding his grandchild melted everyone’s hearts

Willis, diagnosed with an incurable disease, got emotional holding his grandchild 🥲🥹

The legendary action movie star is currently going through a challenging period of his life. The serious disease he has been struggling with has progressed and is, unfortunately, incurable. This breaks the hearts of his fans.

These days, the eminent actor’s wife shared a photo of her father tenderly holding his granddaughter. The fans could see him getting emotional. Some noticed tears of joy in his exhausted eyes.

«We all are with you until the last minute!», «This breaks my hearts into pieces», «I see the delight in his eyes while holding his grandchild».

«It is a pity that he will soon cease to recognize his relatives», «His each and every photo makes me cry», «I know no actor more talented than him».

«I pray for you», «There are no words to describe how I am feeling right now».

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