Monica from «Friends» is not the same: Cox who ruined her beauty with beauty procedures shared her honest thoughts

The «Friends» star honestly admitted why she ruined her beauty with beauty procedures

Everyone will definitely recall this iconic star of the popular sitcom «Friends», outstanding actress C. Cox whose face is now full of fillers, Botox and other beauty procedures. There is no denying that nothing has left of Monica.

The prominent actress herself admits that she has ruined her natural beauty desperately in pursuit of youth and ageless beauty. She has changed beyond recognition and actually regrets all this.

«There is nothing left of Monica», «I can’t believe my eyes! Is this Cox?», «I haven’t; seen anything worse today», «Nothing natural».

She admitted «Thinking that you are getting older while you are still young is a waste of time».

Courteney was endlessly happy that she had a chance to remove all her fillers. The outstanding actress has long retained her beauty with the help of beauty procedures and injections.

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