Mom Hits Back at People Calling Her Daughter a ‘Monster’ – Girl Is Gorgeous Little Princess Now

When a mother posted a photo of her 2-year-old daughter online, she didn’t expect people would find joy in making fun of the girl. Shocked after seeing ruthless memes about her daughter, the woman spoke up against it.

Kyra Pringle never thought people would use her daughter’s second birthday photo for fun. Netizens picked Mariah Anderson’s picture from her mother’s Facebook profile, and what happened next terrified Kyra.

The South Carolina mom spoke up against her daughter’s trolls. She comments from online users that no mother would want to read about their baby.

Sharing Birthday Pictures Turned into a Nightmare
When little Mariah turned two on February 28, 2015, her mother celebrated her big day. Everything went as expected until Kyra uploaded her daughter’s photo on Facebook.

Since Mariah was born with a rare condition, Chromosome Two Duplication, she looked a bit different from other children. The genetic condition also affected her intellectual ability and lowered her life expectancy.

Unfortunately, online users mocked the little girl for her looks. They turned her photos into cruel memes and posted them everywhere on social media.

Watching the little girl’s photos go viral in no time made her family feel heartbroken. They couldn’t do anything to stop the spread except tell people to stop being insensitive. Kyra said to her daughter’s trolls:

“The things you guys are saying about my child, she’s not a monster. She’s real.”

Mariah’s family wanted people to realize that making fun of a child with a rare genetic condition was not okay. Her grandmother, Linda Pringle, had a message for the netizens who mocked the little girl:

“This is actually a human being. This is a child. This is a baby.”

Since Mariah’s family knew her genetic condition lowered her life expectancy, they wanted to make her life beautiful. However, watching their little girl get trolled on the internet broke their hearts.

Mariah’s father, David Anderson, also expressed his disappointment. He said watching his family get affected by the negative comments upset him.

Where Is the Girl Now?
When people trolled Mariah, her family was upset. They considered her the joy of their lives and didn’t know how much more time she had left in this world. All they knew was that their little girl would leave them one day.

Contrary to all expectations, little Mariah became a beautiful girl years later. Despite experiencing how horrible it felt to see her daughter get trolled online, Kyra did not stop sharing photos of her little one.

The loving mother continues to share her daughter’s photos on her Facebook profile, but no one dares to bully her anymore. Instead, people adore the mother-daughter duo and post kind messages in the comments section.

In March 2023, Kyra posted photos from Mariah’s 10th birthday celebration. She hosted a pink-themed birthday party and did the decor herself. Her friends and family praised her efforts and wished the little one a happy birthday.

She also posted a photo of Mariah from the party, dressed in a pink frock paired with pink sneakers. A pink bow sat on her head, making her look like a princess.

“She’s really my best friend,” Kyra captioned the photo on Facebook, which racked up more than 1000 likes. People couldn’t help but post heartwarming messages after looking at the adorable picture.

“Absolutely GORGEOUS. I love love loveeeee this,” Jasmine Daniels said. “SO SWEET!!!” wrote Candace Aku.

“Absolutely gorgeous, little princess,” stated another user. Netizens flooded the comments section with similar praises for little Mariah.

“The happiness on her face and the look in her eyes is priceless,” another Facebook user confessed. People claimed it was evident that Mariah was delighted with the birthday party and loved her mother a lot.

Kyra regularly shares photos of Mariah on Facebook, which reflects her love for the little girl. When people trolled Mariah years ago, her mother felt devastated, but things have improved.

Now, most people on the internet praise Kyra and share messages of support instead of bullying her for her physical appearance. We wish the brave girl the best of luck and hope she keeps making her mother smile.