«Modesty? No, she doesn’t know what it is»: Despite her age, Lopez still pleasantly surprises with her attractiveness

The half-naked look of Lopez in a spicy photoshoot let no one remain indifferent

Everyone knows that Lopez is one of the overall-recognized, incredibly talented and prominent performers of our time. She is one of the main stars in show business who not only starred in movies, but also created a beautiful family.

She has recently been advertising her new shoe collection and appeared as a model in a rather spicy and provocative photo shoot. The celebrity still maintains her body in perfect shape keeping a healthy diet and doing regular exercises.

Lopez definitely chose an original and brilliant way of representing her new collection making the products look even more appealing and comfortable. In this photo she poses in elegant white sandals.

There is no denying that she looked simply amazing and splendid,

«I haven’t seen such unearthly beauty before!», «She still knows how to surprise», «Her beauty is timeless and knows no age».

Her hair was perfectly straightened and her impressive makeup wasn’t unnoticed as well.

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