“Miss Brazil in 2022”: This is how Pedroso, the winner of Miss Brazil looks in real life

Are you ready to see how the winner of the Miss Brazil 2022 competition looks?

As a number of people frequently quote “The degree of beauty in Brazil is much higher than the average temperature on the planet” and, one may say, they are absolutely right.

The previously mentioned is proved by the fact that many well-known supermodels are from Brazil or have Brazilian origins whose unreal beauty and attractiveness leave every single one speechless. Among them are G. Bundchen, I. Gular, A. Lima. A. Ambrosio and the like.

And the list has recently been added by the name of this angelically beautiful and charming girl J. Pedroso who is, at the moment, considered the loveliest woman in Brazil.

The admirable girl has become the winner of the Miss Brazil 2022 held in Sao Paolo in October. It is relevant to mention that in the final stage 28 girls from different regions participated.

However, many couldn’t accept their defeat and there were some scandals shortly after the contest. The whole thing is that those who were more than sure of their victory didn’t even take part in the final stage.

What is more, a lot of network users firmly hold the opinion that there were, in fact, many participants who were much more beautiful and attractive than her and, undoubtedly, deserved the victory more than Jessica.

What concerns the charming winner, Pedroso is still 23 but managed to work as a teacher as she was born to a family of teachers. Moreover, Jessica is a successful writer and linguist as well.

Jessica’s heart is occupied and she often shares heartwarming pictures with her beloved delighting her fans and admirers. It should be noted that the winner of the Miss Brazil is actively engaged in a social project

The project aims at providing the pupils and students from remote and undeveloped regions of the country with proper education and intends to change the world for the better.

It is worth mentioning that the beauty contest was held in the Philippines and, in addition, the representatives of Brazil won the competition already twice: in 2004 with P. Meirelles and in 2009 L. Ramos.

Apart from the award, Jessica was gifted 30 000 reais.

Share your opinion about the winner! Are you impressed with her appearance?