«Met Gala has never seen such iconic dresses before!»: The stunning appearance of stars impressed everyone

Celebrities at the event exceeded everyone’s expectations with their legendary dresses 🤔🥰

The Met Gala of this year undeniably deserves our extra close attention. This remarkable event annually invited a large number of legendary people who prepare themselves to appear spectacularly and be the center of attention there.

What concerns this year, they undoubtedly exceeded their fans’ expectations. Their specially chosen brandy outfits perfectly corresponded to the theme. Each of them captivated the public’s attention. Here are some of the iconic outfits. Have a look!

L. Nax

K. Jenner

R. Ora

B. Eilish

G. Hadid

K. B

J. Monet

S. Hayek

D. Cat

K. Kardashian

M. Robbie

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