«Men don’t call her the hottest woman for no reason!»: The recent photo shoot of Johansson deserves our special attention

It is impossible to take our eyes off stunning Johansson in a dress with an open back 😍

The muse of Variety has recently become one of the most attractive and outstanding American actresses, 38-year-old S. Johansson. Her elegant black dress from Prada with a huge bow and an open back became the subject of discussions.

Her back was covered in beautiful tattoos depicting roses which she made in honor of her daughter whom she raised with her ex-husband R. Dauriac.

Her makeup with arrows and red lipstick made an impression on everyone as well. No single one could remain indifferent towards her gorgeous appearance, femininity and elegance.

«Here is the reason why men call her the hottest actress in the world», «Am I the only one who didn’t know that she had tattoos?», «How can one be so talented and beautiful at the same time?».

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