«Men don’t call her the hottest for no reason»: The natural look of the «Desperate Housewives» star delighted the fans

Here are the photos showing why Longoria is on the list of the most desired women

There is no denying that E. Longoria is one of the most attractive and nice-looking actresses who gained overall fame and recognition after playing Gabriella in the popular series.

Being recently spotted near the Beverly Hills hotel, the outstanding movie star hardly had any makeup and looked charming as usual. Many thought she was carrying a bag of Christmas gifts for her loved ones.

Though she was dressed in a casual way, the successful actress looked stunning and unsurpassed. She was in black trousers, a cardigan of the same color and fashionable sneakers.

It is worth mentioning that even with no cosmetics on, she didn’t look any worse and could even surpass many contemporary celebrities with her beautiful facial features.

According to Maxim magazine, she is currently listed among the hottest and most desired women in the history of cinema.

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