«Men don’t call her the hottest for no reason!»: Paparazzi caught American actress Fox in a provocative outfit

The «Transformers» star’s attractive look in a revealing top left no one indifferent

Here is one of the hottest and most successful stars from such blockbuster movies as «Transformers» and «How to lose friends and make everyone hate you», who hasn’t left anyone indifferent with her charm, attractiveness and brightness.

It is worth mentioning that she actively leads her networking pages and one can find a number of photos of the outstanding movie star on the Internet.

Despite all this, paparazzi don’t miss a single chance to «catch» her in public and immediately spread the candid photos on the network.

And this time, photographers captured the star on her way to a concert with her fiancé. The revealing green outfit she was in perfectly emphasized her athletic body as well as revealed some of her private parts.

What films have you watched starred by her?

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