Meghan Markle’s outfit has been criticized for not being quite appropriate for the occasion  

She tried to stand out from the rest 😳🤔

It’s really surprising to see that Meghan Markle was absent from Charles’ coronation, which caused discussions among people. But Meghan later explained that she didn’t want to be in the center of attention and she preferred to be concentrated on a completely different occasion.

So experts predicted to see her at the Women of Vision Awards in New York, and they were right. The celebrity came there wearing a golden dress in an elegant style, which couldn’t remain unnoticed, because she stood out from the attendees with her look.

Her dress was made by Johanna Ortiz and it was predicted to be around $2,000. Critics claimed that she was dressed inappropriately for the event, as others were wearing modest clothes, business suits and even jeans.

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